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The Association ArgoSpine was founded in 1996 under the name "Argos" by reference to "Association européenne des Groupes d’études pour l’Ostéosynthèse rachidienne" and "Association of European Research Groups for Spinal Osteosynthesis" on the initiative of surgeons looking to encourage applied research in the area of spinal surgery.

The Association is an internationally recognised scientific player and is characterised by a spirit of scientific independence, openness and exchange, which has led it to reject any dogmatic approach or prejudice.

It is particularly committed to compliance with and defence by its members of the values of Curiosity, Circumspection, Rigour and Conviviality.

After ten years of work, the need was felt to specify once again the missions and means of action of ArgoSpine and to review its working and the composition of its governing bodies in order to adapt them to the reality of the action taken currently and make the role of its managing bodies clearer.

In order to further public health and in accordance with applicable laws, the aims of the Association are as follows :

- Promoting the knowledge by all means of techniques for the treatment of spinal disorders and the various means for the objective assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment
- Fostering pure and applied research in the area of the treatment of spinal disorders

The association pursues its object in three ways - Communication, Training and Assessment.

Its means of action particularly include the following :

- Organisation of conferences, talks, classes and seminars in France or elsewhere,
- Preparation or participation in any professional information or training work,
- Edition, publishing and circulation of documents, books, articles and generally all media that may be covered by the object above or likely to contribute to its furtherance,
- Use of partnerships with institutional or private parties working in the area of health and generally taking all action likely to contribute to that goal or facilitate its achievement.

Regular activities of the Association ArgoSpine
Organisation of an annual congress in Paris, at the end of January, held from Thursday to Friday, in the halls of the Maison des Arts et Métiers – 9 bis, avenue d’Iéna – F 75116 Paris
- Editing of a scientific journal: ArgoSpine News and Journal, published by SPRINGER VERLAG France

The prime purpose of ArgoSpine is to promote applied research in spinal surgery. Several actors - namely surgeons, researchers and implant manufacturers - are involved in the three main types of activity of the association (Communication, Training, and Evaluation) lending their expertise for a top-level partnership which allows these orientations to be consolidated and their development fostered. Each activity is tied to a specific committee, an advisory board that coordinates the actions undertaken by the various national groups.

See the statutes of Argospine (PDF)
See the statutes of Argospine in French (PDF)

ArgoSpine annual international meeting gathers 250 to 300 surgeons, allowing them to share views on a given issue with extensive spinal surgery focus. The trademark spirit of conviviality typically allows vigorous debates with experienced surgeons to be engaged in. Our journal ArgoSpine News & Journal, is a most effective instrument for fostering informal communication. With a world circulation of 3500, it gives ArgoSpine members a chance to make their point quite straightforwardly on whatever subject they choose. The European Journal of Orthopedic Surgery & Traumatology (EJOST), our official scientific communication channel, is handed out to our members freely, members who are incidentally invited to submit their articles to the scientific committee. Specific Ejost website

Recognised as a training organisation by the French authorities, ArgoSpine has been organising training sessions ever since 1997. ArgoSpine international network stands as the ideal environment for surgeons' training. Officially registered training centers are toured annually by several dozens of surgeons from a large range of backgrounds who wish to be given training on the various spinal surgery techniques. Such tailored training programs notably include staff meetings, medical examinations, surgical procedures and sometimes simulation of surgery on synthetic models designed for spinal surgery training. For more information contact Nathalie Richard

Evaluation is a necessary stage in both surgeons' treatment strategy-formulating and implant manufacturers' implant-designing processes. As for researchers, they are expected to develop the tools required for such procedures to be carried through. As ArgoSpine integrates these actors into a cohesive whole, it makes it possible for tools to be devised that fully meet clinicians and manufacturers' specific requirements (databases, the "Spineview" software for the analysis of radiographs). National or international multicenter evaluation studies may then be performed by means of these evaluation tools within the ArgoSpine international network.

Contact us
ArgoSpine French office : 25 Rue Schweighaeuser F 67000 Strasbourg FRANCE
Secretary : Nathalie Richard - Phone +33 (0)6 61 51 45 68