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The news from the world of Spinal Surgery and Biomechanics

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Editorial Headquarters
ArgoSpine Association
25, rue Schweighaeuser
F-67000 Strasbourg (France)

President :
Pr. Christian Mazel, MD

General Secretary :
Pr. Pierre Kehr, MD

Treasurer :
Dr. Alain Graftiaux, MD

Christian Mazel, MD
Pierre Kehr, MD


Assistant Editors-in-Chief
Denis Kaech, MD
Nathalie Richard

Managing Committee
Laurent Balabaud, MD
Alain Graftiaux, MD
Stefano Boriani, MD
Jean-Pierre Elsig, MD
Tamas Illes, MD
Dimitrios Korres, MD
Panagiotis Korovessis, MD
Charles-Marc Laager, MD
Kazuhiro Hasegawa, MD
Anca Mitulescu, PhD
Karim Boukarabila
Pierre Pries, MD
William Blake Rodgers, MD

Jean-Paul Steib, MD
Wafa Skalli, PhD
Alexandre Templier, PhD
Christopher Ullrich, MD

Springer-Verlag France
22, rue de Palestro
F-75002 Paris (France)
Director of the Publication: Guido Zosimo-Landolfo
Publishing Editor: Nathalie Huilleret

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If you are a regular attendee of the ArgoSpine annual Symposium and/or an ArgoSpine member, you can already enjoy a free subscription to ArgoSpine News and Journal.

Otherwhise, here are some of the reasons why you should subscribe :

  • ArgoSpine News and Journal is a scientific periodical whose focus is to promote an innovative and rigourous approach to the field of spinal surgery and biomechanics.

  • ASNJ provides a focus of interest and relevance to all professionals committed to the treatment of spinal pathologies, notably orthopaedists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, neurologists, anatomists, but also engineers and biomechanicians.

  • ASNJ reports on innovations in practice, offers case studies, features interviews and articles of outstanding personalities in these fields.

  • ASNJ offers a forum for discussion and debate allowing to share different points of view.

  • ASNJ has an international authorship and a worldwide readership. As from 2013, two bi-annual supplements to EJOST will be published per year.

  • ASNJ offers access to the journal in print and online.

  • Members of the ASNJ editorial board represent practitioners and professionals who are foremost in their fields.

  • ASNJ is published by Springer, the world’s second largest publisher of science and medical titles. It has moved to the status of a scientific journal with peer-reviewed articles.

The European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology hopes to be a meeting place for the written word in orthopaedic and trauma surgery. Each edition will include original articles, clinical observations, general reviews, theses and national/or European notices. Its main aim is to help disseminate knowledge from the Societies which have adopted it.
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ArgoSpineNews is now available online to our free subscribers (surgeons and spine professionals) all over the world. We regularly include in our journal commercial advertisings for clinical devices and accessories manufacturers. Upon request , our industrial partners can also be provided with a complete feedback on the readers interest in their products and /or services. This particular service is offered for free to all our partners.

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