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Biomechanics Laboratory of ENSAM, Paris, France
1972 saw the effective launching of the ENSAM (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts & Métiers) Biomechanics Laboratory as it hosted the first research work on the mechanical behaviour of lumbar vertebrae carried out by Messrs. Lavaste and Roy-Camille.

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LBM first focussed on in vitro experimentation, but its focus was soon shifted to finite elements numerical modelling and in vivo measurements. In a parallel connection, although spine Biomechanics still is the prime research field of the LBM, the expertise of which in this area remains unchallenged, it has extended the scope of its investigations and widened it to upper and lower limbs. What is more, a whole section of the laboratory is dedicated to the Biomechanics of impact especially with numerically simulated crash-tests for the automobile and train industries to work on. The team is made up of about 40 teaching researchers and Ph.D. or a DEA (post-graduate diploma ) candidates working full-time. In addition to that, about thirty student engineers are teaming up with a fellow-student to work there part-time until February, then full-time until the end of June. The teaching researchers of the laboratory train student engineers.

Spine Biomechanics
The LBM has been working on scoliotic deformities since 1989, with a view to grasping the part played by biomechanical factors in etiology, development and correction of spinal pathologies. Pre-, intra- and postoperative follow-up studies of scoliosis patients designed to quantify the effect of the surgical maneuvers supplement research work. In collaboration with various manufacturers, the LBM has already helped the orthopaedics industry score some advances in such areas as :

- devising evaluation protocols for spinal implants
- developing finite elements numerical models (models of the various components have already been made, evaluated and validated at the laboratory)
- analysing and upgrading the performance of a variety of spinal constructs

Moreover, the LBM has been working in close collaboration with health care professionals to carry out some major work on customized spinal models designed thanks to medical imaging in order to opt for patient tailored surgical maneuvers.

LBM models are increasingly integrating true-to-life muscle control and behavioral laws. These breakthroughs open up bright prospects for the simulation of surgical maneuvers and bone ingrowth phenomena. The clinical follow-up tools that have been developed at the LBM derive full benefit from upgraded computers and systems, which afford significant performance boosts and help them combine accuracy and repeatability with swiftness and versatility.

LBM and Argos
One of Argos' missions is to foster research works in spine Biomechanics. The ENSAM Biomechanics Laboratory then simply became one of the major partners of our association. Argos' approach is one of technological watch via the following through of research works, thereby increasing collaboration between engineers and health care professionals, which is already quite close at the LBM.

The ETS Laboratory of Research in Medical Imaging and Orthopaedics, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
The Laboratory of Research in Medical Imaging and Orthopaedics is composed of researchers coming from 3 departments of the school of technology (ETS -Ecole de Technologie Supérieure). It was officially created in June 97 and is part of the research center of the hospital of the university of Montreal (CR-CHUM - Centre de Recherche du Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal).

1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest - Montréal (Québec) - H3C 1K3 CANADA - Phone (514) 396-8800 - poste 7675
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CHR Saint Joseph

Doctor Jean-Paul Forthomme



Slotervaart Hospital

Doctor Willem F. Luitjes



Pecs University

Professor Tamas Illes



Hospital Universitario "Dr. Peset"

Doctor Juan Antonio Martin Benlloch
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Professor Pierre Kehr
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IMM (Institut Mutualiste Montsouris)

Professor Christian Mazel



Biomechanics Laboratory of ENSAM

Professor François Lavaste



HUS Hopitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg

Professor Jean-Paul Steib
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Spine Midwest, Inc.

Doctor William Blake Rodgers
Jefferson City, Missouri (USA)